Our Team

Terri L. Schreiber


Terri L. Schreiber is a unifier, a collaborator, and a deft practitioner. She utilizes these skills while drawing on her background in the IT sector, product and people management, research, and analysis to identify pathways that enable finding solutions to complex problems. Terri holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Harvard’s Kennedy School and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of California, Davis. She completed all course work for a PhD in Public Affairs at the University of Colorado, School of Public Affairs. Her interests span both the private and public sector. For two decades she has worked with large and small organizations including Accenture, Microsoft, The United Way of King County, Washington Women in Need, Harvard’s Kennedy School Center for Public Leadership, the Department of Defense, The International Benzodiazepine Symposium (TIBS), The Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices, Benzo-Wise Colorado, and The Colorado Consortium for Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention. Terri is a highly motivated leader with strong management, communication, and interpersonal skills. In her free time, she likes to read, bike, cook, garden, and meditate.

Will L. Swann

William L. Swann is an assistant professor in the University of Colorado Denver School of Public Affairs. His research focuses on local government, public management, and collaborative governance in the contexts of public health and sustainable development. His work has appeared in some of the leading public administration, urban studies, and public health management journals. He is co-leading a national survey of program and service availability for addressing opioid use disorder at the local level funded by the CU Denver Office of Research Services. His work mainly uses survey and case study methods. He is a faculty affiliate in the CU Denver Business School’s Health Administration Research Consortium (HARC). He holds a BSBA in finance from Bryant University, an MPA from the University of Rhode Island, and a PhD from the Askew School of Public Administration and Policy at Florida State University. He is an enthusiast of sports, nature and animals, film, and the fine and performing arts.

Steve Wright, MD

Steven Wright, MD, is a residency-trained family physician with a 36 year clinical career. Active in addiction medicine (board certified) 31 years and medical pain management 15 years, he focuses on issues related to controlled substances, addiction, and medical pain management through consulting, speaking, advocacy, policy development, education, medical provider assessment / supervision, and medical legal work. His clinical interests include the neurophysiology and treatment of pain and addiction (etiology, pharmacogenetics, treatment), non-opioid analgesia, opioids (medical and non-medical use), benzodiazepines (medical consultant for the Alliance for Benzodiazepine Best Practices), cannabis (medical and nonmedical use), adverse consequences, best practices, and systems of care.

Serena Kim

serena-kim-300x300 (003)

Serena Kim was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, lived in Florida, and resides in Denver. She teaches Public Policy Analysis, Evidence-Based Decision Making, and Research and Analytic Methods at the School of Public Affairs in the University of Colorado Denver. Her areas of interest include natural resources and renewable energy policy, health policy, institutional analysis, regulatory studies, and data science.  She has been involved in multiple research projects on sustainability policy and distributed renewable energy systems. Her research has appeared in Policy & Politics and the Journal of Environment & Development. She holds a PhD in Public Administration and a BA in Economics. When she is not in the office, she goes to the Denver Center for Performing Arts, Denver Nuggets and Colorado Rockies games, hiking, and yoga and barre classes.

Michael DiNardi

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Michael DiNardi is an Assistant Professor in the economics department at the University of Rhode Island. He is an empirical applied microeconomist with broad research interests in health and labor economics. The common theme in Michael’s research is understanding the effects public policy on health, health behaviors, and healthcare, particularly those related to disadvantaged groups. His work has been published in the Journal of Population Economics and presented at annual conferences of the American Economic Association, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management, Eastern Economic Association, and Southern Economic Association. Michael earned his Ph.D in economics from the University of Connecticut in 2018. He also holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of Connecticut, a master’s degree in regional economic and social development from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell, and a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell. In his spare time, Michael enjoys attending concerts, playing guitar, working out, and hockey.

Heidi McNeely

Heidi McNeely Photo 2017

Heidi McNeely is a pediatric Clinical Nurse Specialist who currently works at the Drug Diversion Prevention Officer at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Heidi is a board member of the International Health Facility Diversion Association. Heidi is also a PhD student at the University of Kansas in the School of Nursing with a minor focus in Health Policy. Heidi is interested in research around opioids, prevention of substance use disorder in pediatrics and in healthcare workers and how policy impacts patient care related to opioid use, abuse, prescribing practices and treatment.

Diana Hardinge

Diana 2021

Diana Hardinge is retired from a career spanning 43 years that began as a telephone operator on a switchboard and included banking, accounting, data processing, systems and data management, project management, and IT quality assurance. Her tenures included Southern Bell, Citizens and Southern National Bank, both in Atlanta, GA, Intergraph Corporation, a CAD/CAM company based in Huntsville, AL, Microsoft Corporation in Redmond, WA, and Deloitte Services in Hermitage, TN. After reconnecting with Terri, Diana applies her skill as an expert in data collection and management to help the team build datasets and all things data.  Diana is an avid artist, poet and gardener. She currently lives on a small farm in central Tennessee that she shares with 2 dogs, a cat, 5 chickens and her brother.

Marisa Kirby

Marisa Kirby graduated from Regis University in 2017 with a major in Computer Science and a minor in Psychology. Marisa is currently a software engineer at Maxar Technologies. In the past, she has taught coding to elementary school students in addition to designing websites like the one you are viewing. Marisa’s hobbies include climbing mountains, travelling, practicing yoga, snowboarding, and surfing. She also enjoys drawing and photography.

Hyunwoo (Jake) Hong

Jake 2021

Hyunwoo (Jake) Hong is pursing a master’s degree in criminal justice at the School of Public Affairs, University of Colorado Denver. He is planning to pursue a Ph.D to become a researcher/professor.  His research interests include: qualitative research, criminal justice, public policy, and cybercrime. Jake is a research assistant helping TSRG with data collection and building national datasets.

Haley (Hayoung) Nam

Haley Nam

Haley (Hayoung) Nam is pursuing a bachelor’s degree at Metropolitan State University of Denver. She is working as an international student ambassador in the Office of Registrar, MSU Denver. Before she moved to the United States, she worked as a domestic program coordinator at Save the Children Korea to protect children suffering from abuse and neglect. Also, she worked as a project specialist at a startup company in S. Korea to inspect face recognition AI. In her spare time, Haley enjoys embroidery and playing bass guitar.  Haley is a research assistant and helps TSRG with data visualization and geocoded mapping.

Carol L. Van Noy

Carol L. Van Noy has thirty years of fundraising experience in Major Gifts, Grant Writing, Annual campaigns and Corporate Philanthropy working at United Way of King County and other nonprofits, with clients such as Boeing, Microsoft, State and Federal governments, and raising over $100+ Million for mission driven causes. She is the author of Fundraising plans, a philanthropy trainer, event speaker and education advocate. She has been involved in education as a school director for twenty years. Carol is passionate about helping people suffering homelessness and opioid addiction. She also has expertise in team building, fundraising training, family foundations, legislative advocacy, mentoring and strategic planning. She has a BA from the University of Washington and extended study certificates in philanthropy. In her free time, she likes to travel, spend time with family and hike the great outdoors. Carol is a member of the TSRG Advisory Council and contributes to the strategic planning, board development, and fundraising efforts of the team.

Cheri Jahn


Cheri Jahn is a former State Senator from Wheat Ridge, Colorado. She served in the legislature as a State Representative from 2001-2009 and in the State Senate from 2010 – 2019. During her 16 years of service in the legislature Cheri became known as the Bridge Builder, working with colleagues from both sides of the aisle on issues ranging from business interests, judicial reform and behavioral health care including substance use disorders. Cheri raised three children as a single mother while running a small business and staying active in her community, working on issues that affected the residents in Wheat Ridge. She was asked to run for the State House in 1999 and enjoyed more than anything being able to connect with citizens on issues important to them and their families. Also, while serving as a State Representative, she earned an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies. Cheri was appointed Speaker Pro Tempore by Speaker Andrew Romanoff in 2005 due to her ability to work successfully with all of her colleagues, putting party affiliations aside, on matters that were important to the entire state. She carried her bipartisan beliefs and working collaboratively with her throughout her term as a State Senator. After Cheri left the senate due to term limits in 2019, she started Ascend Consulting & Government Affairs, LLC so she could continue her work on policy, strategy and community building to achieve success on issues important to people in the state. She also continues running her small business that she started back in 1977 while being a single mom. Cheri now serves on several Boards including being appointed to the Jefferson County Board of Health in 2019 for a 5-year term. Cheri is a member of the TSRG Advisory Council and contributes to the strategic planning, board development, and fundraising efforts of the team.