Bharat Mabbu

Education : MBA , MS
Advisory Council
Bharat Mabbu is a Senior Technology Leader with 20 years of experience in designing, and building complex, distributed, and low latency products in global engineering organizations across the Netherlands, India, and the United States. He has experience in developing and leading engineering and data science teams to solve global-scale business challenges using cutting-edge technology in companies like Baan, Microsoft, and Amazon. Bharat shipped multiple products in different domains like windows/office activation, digital supply chain, AI/ML-powered optimizations, advanced integration platforms, and payment systems. At Clearwater Analytics, Bharat leads the engineering organization that focuses on building technology platforms to effectively manage clients’ investment data and reporting solutions. Bharat loves reading books, gardening, and spending his time mentoring budding engineers, both inside and outside his current role. He constantly challenges the status quo, experiments with innovative methods, and cross-pollinates ideas from other disciplines and industries. He runs a platform (Spring Transits) through an innovative social engagement model. Using this platform, Bharat is actively helping build a scalable, reliable, and community-based global eco-system that nurtures and supports women transition back into the workforce.
Content Focus : Information technology development and infrastructure