Cheri Jahn

Education : Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies
Advisory Council
Cheri Jahn is a former State Senator from Wheat Ridge, Colorado. She served in the legislature as a State Representative from 2001-2009 and in the State Senate from 2010 – 2019. During her 16 years of service in the legislature Cheri became known as the Bridge Builder, working with colleagues from both sides of the aisle on issues ranging from business interests, judicial reform and behavioral health care including substance use disorders. Cheri raised three children as a single mother while running a small business and staying active in her community, working on issues that affected the residents in Wheat Ridge. She was asked to run for the State House in 1999 and enjoyed more than anything being able to connect with citizens on issues important to them and their families. Also, while serving as a State Representative, she earned an Associate’s Degree in Paralegal Studies. Cheri was appointed Speaker Pro Tempore by Speaker Andrew Romanoff in 2005 due to her ability to work successfully with all of her colleagues, putting party affiliations aside, on matters that were important to the entire state. She carried her bipartisan beliefs and working collaboratively with her throughout her term as a State Senator. After Cheri left the senate due to term limits in 2019, she started Ascend Consulting & Government Affairs, LLC so she could continue her work on policy, strategy and community building to achieve success on issues important to people in the state. She also continues running her small business that she started back in 1977 while being a single mom. Cheri now serves on several Boards including being appointed to the Jefferson County Board of Health in 2019 for a 5-year term. Cheri is a member of the TSRG Advisory Council and contributes to the strategic planning, board development, and fundraising efforts of the team.
Content Focus : Public policy and board development