July 31, 2021

RE: Colorado Gives, Terri Schreiber Research Group Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern:

It was a simple introduction between two colleagues over a Microsoft Alumni meeting. My offer to help with Technology Consulting led to a more fruitful two-way engagement. In fact, in the end, we got more help in return than what we offered by helping TSRG. TSRG helped us help them. SpringTransits helps women find confidence in themselves to come back to the workforce. We are always on the lookout for real problems to solve to help make the experience real for our team. TSRG offered us this opportunity and with it, patience, empathy, and willingness to invest effort and time. I’m very proud to be associated with Terri and her organization TSRG and looking forward to continued engagement and contributions to both organizations.

Please accept Spring Transits’ support of TSRG’s during Colorado Gives fundraising and reach out if you have further questions.

Thank you


Bharat Mabbu
Founder, Spring Transits

425 894 6223