The Patient-Provider-Policy Perspective

Patient Perspective

Terri Schreiber, our founder and CEO has over twenty-five years of experience managing chronic pain. Her personal journey to find a treatment plan that limited her use of medication and maximizes quality of life informs her communications and research.

Steven Wright, MD, has 36 years experience in medical practice including treating patients with substance use disorders (31 years) and medical pain management (15 years). He has observed waning and waxing attention to these issues as well as approaches employed – both direct clinical care and community-wide –  that have the potential to improve prevention and treatment with respect to addiction-prone substances. He regards the use of evidence-based research as central, though incomplete. Because individuals are so different and are not necessarily described in the researched evidence, equally important are the narratives of those who struggle. The latter – including, in part, his own experience in addiction recovery since 1990 – should inform the next areas that require study.

Mark Davis, Megan Lamiotte, Sojeong, Kim, Serena Kim, Terri Schreiber and Will Swann, have advanced degrees in Public Affairs or Public Administration and expertise in public policy research methods (quantitative and qualitative). In addition, team members have specific skills in collaborative governance, local government management, statistical and econometric modeling, and process analysis and design, which are applied to our studies. We are experts in literature reviews, surveys, and research papers that evaluate interventions and outcomes to fill knowledge gaps concerning addiction prone substances.