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The Schreiber Research Group (TSRG) is a research driven organization that employs prevention and intervention consultation, research and training to positively influence how communities, governments, policy makers and providers make organizational and implementation choices regarding addiction-prone substances toward preventing addiction and overdose death.

Mission Statement
Improve the health of individuals and communities with respect to addiction-prone substances.

Company Ownership/Legal Entity
The Schreiber Research Group is in process to become a Colorado-based 501(C)(3).

Products and Services
Our products and services include organizational design recommendations, strategy consulting, literature reviews, survey design consulting, white papers, articles, presentation materials and training materials.

Who We Are
We are a nonprofit research group, registered in the State of Colorado, comprised of a multi-state, interdisciplinary team that utilizes academic research, practitioner strategies and policy review to conduct research and fill gaps to solve the opioid crisis. Our team has specialists in Public Policy, Pain Management, and Addiction Medicine. Our support team has expertise in web strategies, strategic advising, fund development and academic research support. We also provide trainings and presentations for policy makers, providers and patients.

What We Do
We solve Wicked Problems as it relates to substance abuse – currently focused on reducing and helping to eliminate opioid overdose and death.

How We Do It
There is little known evidence as to what works to reduce, control or eliminate the use of opioids. We are currently working to identify effective practices. Our policy arm is looking at states and counties to identify what policies are effective in reducing opioid deaths. Our medical team is working to identify how decisions are made to prescribe opioids and still manage pain.

How You Can Help
We are seeking financial support. We are pursuing individual, foundation, corporate, and government collaborations and funding. If you are interested in contributing to our cause, here is the donation link.


Last updated: June 07, 2019

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