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The Schreiber Research Group (TSRG) is a research-driven organization that conducts research, performs community outreach, and provides consulting services to positively influence how communities, governments, policy makers, and providers make implementation choices regarding programs and services for addiction-prone substance prevention, treatment, and recovery. Our dedicated team provides strategy, survey design and policy analysis study design recommendations, as well as literature reviews, community needs assessments, gap analyses, articles, presentation materials, and training.


Our goal is to promote healthy communities through rigorous research and evaluation and consulting services that fill knowledge gaps.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to find solutions to help solve the substance use crisis through research and community outreach. To do this, TSRG must understand the literature, the evidence-base and what is happening on the ground at intercept points.   

Vision Statement

To use research and consulting to inform communities, governments, policy makers, providers, and people when making choices involving addiction-prone substances to prevent adverse consequences including addiction and overdose death.

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit research group, registered in the State of Colorado, comprised of a multi-state, interdisciplinary team of consultants, practitioners, and researchers from public policy, medicine, nursing, and economics.

What We Do

We are building a grassroots-level analysis and micro- and macro-level networks. Our primary goal is to create healthy communities that are sustainable and resilient. We also believe that we need practical, on-the-ground solutions and robust data to solve public health issues such as the opioid crisis. TSRG collaborates, builds relationship, and identifies community partners. We design and execute research studies, evangelize our research findings, and offer consulting services in order to influence the public health landscape.

Our Supporters And Community Partners

The Schreiber Research Group works with local, regional, and federal organizations to find solutions to the opioid and benzodiazepine crises.  Through a collaborative, concerted effort, TSRG can grow and continue to aim to find solutions.  If interested in joining us in this worthy endeavor, here is the donation link.